Offshore wind turbines at Sprogø gets high-tech overcoat

Muehlhan A/S is responsible for the seven, 70 meters tall offshore wind turbines which will supply green energy to the Storebæltsbro and the Øresundsbro from December. In connection with the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, the wind turbines will be introduced to The President of the United States, Barack Obama and other prominent conference participants.

Being an offshore wind turbine is wet. And salty. And cold. And windy, hopefully. That is why, it is important,that the offshore wind turbines are wrapped well, however a gigantic overcoat of wool just isn't the thing. High-tech solutions are needed to ensure that the seven enormous wind turbines in the new Sprogø Offshore Wind Farm, which will be placed north of Sprogø and with the Storebæltsbro as neighbour, can take the moist and salty sea air.

From December the turbines will produce all the energy, which is consumed when operating the Storebæltsbro and the Øresundsbro – the total capacity will be 21 megawatts yearly. The owner of the bridges, Sund & Bælt A/S, is in charge of the environmentally friendly billion-investment in the wind farm. The turbines are manufactured in Denmark. And Muehlhan A/S is responsible for dressing the wind turbines for the tough conditions. Right now, Muehlhan A/S is in the process of coating the 70 meter tall towers for the seven wind turbines, which will be placed on foundations north of Sprogø.
It is hightech super-sized rust protection – but definitely not a new task for Muehlhan, which is the largest specialist in wind turbine surface treatment in Denmark, and which operates the world's largest surface treatment facility in Herning, designed for wind turbines and other huge steel elements for amongst other the offshore industry.

Division director Vandad Pachai, Muehlhan Wind Energy, explains:

“The towers arrive in three sections each at our facility at Vissenbjerg on Funen. First, they are sandblasted down to the naked steel. Thereafter, a socalled metallization takes place, before the towers are spray painted inside and outside with three layers of super-resistant coating.

Muehlhan is certified ISO 9001 for quality, ISO 14001 for environment and OHSAS 18001 for safety and work environment. This means that the towers are coated according to methods with the outmost environmental considerationand with the most high-tech, eco-friendly and effective materials.

In February, NKT Cables A/S together with Peter Madsen Rederi A/S and AB Svensk Sjöentreprad began the cabling for the Sprogø Offshore Wind Turbine Farm and on 10 August Aarsleff/Bilfinger Berger began digging and casting the large concrete foundations, on which the turbines will rest.
In a short time, the components for the turbines are transported to Kalundborg harbour, from where they will be shipped for mounting.
By mid-November and until 7 December the turbines will be tested. And the huge project culminates in connection with the UN Climate Change Congressin Copenhagen from 30 November to 10 December.

According to the plans, a delegation, including the President of the United States, Barack Obama, and the Danish Minister of Climate and Energy, Connie Hedegaard, will inspect the Sprogø Offshore Wind Turbine farm Closely. -

Naturally, the prominent guests will focus primarily on the environmental and climate responsibility, which Sund & Bælt A/S takes on by building the wind turbine farm, and thereby making the two large bridges self-sufficient with CO2-neutral energy.

However, it is clear that a close focus will also be on the leading global position in wind energy of the Danish producers and subcontractors…and thereby, also the role Muehlhan plays all over the globe with regards to the demanding surface treatment of offshore wind turbines”
states Vandad Pachai.

For further information please see -Vandad Pachai can be contacted via +45 64 47 13 13, mobile +45 23 74 90 81 and at